photo by Deb Swanson Patrick

I do a whole lot more, but for the purposes of this blog I eat, I cook and more than anything I feed people.  I encompass the latter in my personal life as well having spent time in many nonprofit hunger related organizations. I was the Program Director of the Hunger Initiative at the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, as well as part of the development departments at the LA Regional Food Bank and most recently at L. A. Kitchen.

In 2015 I am transitioning to full-time to food production, catering and teaching while remaining committed to the food justice movement. I am also a member of the Netiya Council. Netiya is an interfaith network that is advancing urban agriculture in faith-based organizations in Los Angeles.

The best Thanksgiving weekend I’ve ever had was when I got on a plane — full of food, medicine and shelter supplies — and went to Honduras after Hurricane Mitch.

Any day at all I cook for just myself or whoever happens to be around so stop by…

If you want to talk about catering or prepping dishes to be waiting when you get home from work please contact me below.

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  1. LFFL says:

    On my way! 🙂

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