Remains of the Day

I had several friends over for brunch today to finally celebrate the successful Chanukah event that we headed up at our synagogue. David and I had a ball cooking. I made latkes and David made a fabulous blintz casserole (I will ask him for the recipe and add it to the

Semolina Spice Cake

site) we did bagels and lox, of course, and ended with this great cake.  I’m lucky enough to live near a Super King market which has a crazy assortment of middle eastern food so I got some Saffron Pistachio ice cream to dollop on the cake. The candied citron I used in the cake was made last fall from a Buddha’s Hand that I used in a centerpiece last fall.

The linen are washed and put away and now I’m going to have a glass of champagne and a bagel with lox since I didn’t have one at brunch.

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