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More about the olive curing

It was a fabulous weekend.  Most years Pasolivo does an olive oil pressing. I’ve never managed to get up there for that due to work conflicts, but my brother has gone every year. That’s his photo on the top of … Continue reading

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I’m full of it!

More accurately I’m full of them –  noodles… and BBQ pork and ground pork and shrimp and roasted duck and bean sprouts and various other vegetables and something else a little crunchy on top.  Good hot broth (not a spicy … Continue reading

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Remains of the Day

I had several friends over for brunch today to finally celebrate the successful Chanukah event that we headed up at our synagogue. David and I had a ball cooking. I made latkes and David made a fabulous blintz casserole (I … Continue reading

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Avocado Salad

Amanda was here for an overnight on Wednesday and like the foolish doting Nana that I am I let her sleep with me – NEVER AGAIN! If I got 2 hours of sleep all added up I’d be surprised. By … Continue reading

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Sorry, no photo…chicken “pie”

OK, I promise to do better at remembering the camera in the kitchen. Last night’s dinner was not only tasty it was pretty cool looking too. Using the leftover chicken from Monday I made a biscuit topped casserole (quasi chicken … Continue reading

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