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T Minus One and Counting

I was so intent on reporting on pie day that I left out the part about doing battle with a massive horseradish root to make creamed horseradish sauce for my neighbors Ryan’s rib roast. In his early 40s, he finally … Continue reading

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Too dry for pie!

The crazy southern California Santa Ana weather made this a challenging day for baking. I know; I know…sorry, Buffalo. It was 82° today and BONE DRY. Pastry just would not behave. I pushed through and the pies are lovely! We … Continue reading

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Color Part Next

After last week’s drab dinner comes this – All week long I seemed to be eating lots of orange things. By Saturday there there bits of this and that left in the refrigerator: roasted carrots and a butternut squash, sweet … Continue reading

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Sunday morning ruminations on color

No photo of last night’s dinner because it just was not a pretty plate of food. I made some simple boiled potatoes – I’m eating more of the all-blues from Alex Weiser and his siblings, but they’re not pretty. When … Continue reading

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Change is in the air

I love fall! For me, fall is like spring is for many people. Fall is about growth and possibilities; baking and braising; learning and doing. This year is especially ripe for change and new adventures. I am determined to make … Continue reading

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