Color Part Next

After last week’s drab dinner comes this – All week long I seemed to be eating lots of IMG_6205orange things. By Saturday there there bits of this and that left in the refrigerator: roasted carrots and a butternut squash, sweet potatoes and delicata. So, into a pot with sautéed shallot and ginger and a few pieces of roasted parsnip for good measure; zapped with the stick blender, and I had a beautiful warming soup for Saturday night.

Sunday morning off to my favorite farmers’ market of the year – Pre-Thanksgiving in Hollywood. Packed, happy, seeking out the first great Brussels sprouts of the year. Sadly I learned that there is a nasty pest up from Mexico that is hitting farmers hard (this would be classed as unwanted immigration in by book). Weiser Farms did not have my favorite purple teenie tiny ones yet; hopefully soon, but I did find some beautiful green Brussel sprouts at Jimenez.

IMG_6208I did come home with this gorgeous Swiss chard from The Garden of….. I’ve trimmed the stems and sautéed them to go into the last of the orange soup for lunch and I will make chard and bread soup for dinner tonight.

…and pretend that it’s cold enough to want soup… ***sigh*** Life in SoCal. But it beats the pants off of Buffalo.

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