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Time is the enemy of the soft tortilla

Chichen Itza restaurant used to be on 6th Street across the street from Lafayette Parkin the Westlake District of Los Angeles. They are now in an interesting space south of Trade Tech College, a bit over a mile from the … Continue reading

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Night of 1,000 Shabbats

The LA Jewish Federation (where I work as the Program Director of the Hunger Initiative) just ran a very successful campaign to have people host Shabbat dinners in their homes or synagogues all on the same night. The campaign was … Continue reading

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Angus’ Angels

Maybe I should have made angel food cake, but I don’t really like it so pound cake it is. Don’t look for a recipe here; pound cake is one of those things that doesn’t need to be reinvented. A pound … Continue reading

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Soup for Sally…

There is no wine in this soup. When I make vegetable soup it is based in large part on what’s in the house. Last week I made a batch of chicken stock. My friend Sally Kemp has been touting the … Continue reading

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Cuban missile crisis and the whole canned chicken

My clearest memory of the 13 days is that we were going to live in the hallway of our house. We did not have a bomb shelter in the back yard but we had the next best thing – a … Continue reading

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