Angus’ Angels

Maybe I should have made angel food cake, but I don’t really like it so pound cake it is. Don’t look for a recipe here; pound cake is one of those things that doesn’t need to be reinvented. A pound each flour, butter, sugar and eggs plus a little salt and vanilla (lemon extract if you want to add it). That makes 2 large loaves or 6 mini’s. This was my first time using paper pans too which makes them easy to gift. That brings me back to the title.

Angus is a pretty special boy. His mother was feral in an industrial park and she lost 4 of 7 kittens to opossums when they were about 7 days old. Angus’ first angel rescued him and the 2 other survivors, took mom to a no-kill shelter for medical treatment (she was attempting to fight off the beasties) and bottle raised the remaining 3 kittens.

On Sunday night Angus didn’t come in no matter where I walked around the courtyard and called or rattled the dry food for him to hear. Monday morning, still no Angus. I left for work and text-messaged a few neighbors to keep an eye out. Well, they did more than that. I came home to find them still out searching (they had been out looking on and off all day). Even the courtyard cats – Angus’ best friend Pico, Mars pacing the rooftops, Leo and Zed tagging along and 3-legged Bebop who cries at my door when Angus can’t come out to play – were at it all day. Angus finally responded to my voice and once we got him coaxed over the fence and in the house we sat around him in a circle toasting him. Hope he doesn’t get too used to the idea of being the center of the party…

Why are these crazy humans thrusting glasses of foul smelling liquid at me?

These lovely cakes are to thank everyone for their dedication yesterday. I love this place I live and wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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