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Pretty Bird

(…use the inflection and pitch that a parrot would use) My synagogue and a nearby church in West Hollywood serve Thanksgiving dinner to the seniors who live at Triangle Square each year. It’s truly a community effort with setup and … Continue reading

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It’s only a ham-bur-ger!

I was a mess on Tuesday, so agitated about the election. All day… I ate too much sugar, couldn’t concentrate on work, ate too much salt in an effort to counter the sugar and then got stuck in the worst … Continue reading

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I’ve had it with this election

PLEASE MAKE IT STOP. I can’t listen to the news. My TV is off. This is as close as I want to come to the presidential election right now. So here’s the 20th century – – We know Taft ate, … Continue reading

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I had 4 of Carl’s bow-tie cookies left. I made a latte and sat down for a break with 2 of the cookies. Now, these cookies are really REALLY good. Carl brought them (along with a yummy good semolina & … Continue reading

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Lunch at my desk #5 with a surprise!

Yes, for those of you who are really paying attention there was no #4. I lost track (so soon!) and used #3 twice. This is quinoa and vegetable soup that I made a couple of weeks ago. I made quite … Continue reading

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