It’s only a ham-bur-ger!

I was a mess on Tuesday, so agitated about the election. All day… I ate too much sugar, couldn’t concentrate on work, ate too much salt in an effort to counter the sugar and then got stuck in the worst traffic! The traffic gave me a chance to evaluate my dinner choices since there wasn’t food in the house and I had to pack to come up to Portland. I finally decided to give Pasadena’s new Umami Burger a try. I was going to take it home but decided I wanted to eat it hot and fresh not on a soggy bun and cooled off. So I sat down in what, I’ve got to say, is one of the noisiest rooms I’ve ever been in. I ordered one of their “kombus” – a rather lame attempt at sounding Japanese. A burger with Stilton, caramelized onions and port in the patty. That came with a glass of a nice red blend (Syrah, merlot and Grenache) and sweet potato fries. I asked if I could have the smashed fried potatoes instead and was told that the combination was orchestrated and there were no substitutions. Okay, no problem. My burger arrived quickly enough with my fries. I asked the waiter if I could have some lettuce and tomato (apparently they didn’t come on that burger). Once again I was told that lettuce didn’t go on that burger. Come on and get real. I guess my look spoke volumes as the waiter said he would ask and did indeed come back with a slice of grilled tomato and a leaf of butter lettuce. It went very well on the burger…


I love this schoolyard table but I don’t think I’ll be back there, certainly not if I want to carry on a conversation. And they’re way too precious about the ham-bur-ger!

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  1. Love hamburger. Glad you have some decent ones in your place.

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