I’ve had it with this election

PLEASE MAKE IT STOP. I can’t listen to the news. My TV is off. This is as close as I want to come to the presidential election right now. So here’s the 20th century – –

We know Taft ate, but apparently didn’t like to be photographed doing so.

I could barely find any photos of Wilson without his lips pursed much less eating…

Let’s just assume he ate the fish he caught.

Go Girl Scouts! Thank you Mrs. Coolidge.

A very fancy chicken in every pot.

It’s pronounced ‘chowdah’

Let them eat cake!

Let them eat ice cream!

Let them eat ice cream on a yacht.

Let them eat at a trough.

Is that really OK?

Hmmm – this is the first I’ve seen of hot dogs. I thought candidates had to eat a lot of hot dogs.

Another hot dog.

He’s even got McDonald vegetables to go with that burger

…and another burger

…and YET another burger

no comment.

And the next president of the United States:

Thanks to the New York Times for the idea for this completely silly waste of time.

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I cook; I feed; I eat
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2 Responses to I’ve had it with this election

  1. sarah says:

    Now I’m hungry for kitten. xo

  2. floricooks says:

    With butter, salt and pepper.

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