I had 4 of Carl’s bow-tie cookies left. I made a latte and sat down for a break with 2 of the cookies. Now, these cookies are really REALLY good. Carl brought them (along with a yummy good semolina & coconut cake) to shabbat dinner last weekend. It’s an old family recipe from his grandmother and I don’t think he’s sharing.

I ate the 2 cookies, dunking them in the piping hot latte. The spices in the super crisp cookies were perfect. They held up just right, keeping a crunch at the center even after the surface became soft. I had already decided that these were magical delights. Last Sunday after being stuck in traffic twice the previous day, I again found myself crawling, almost at a standstill, this time on a rural highway with no way out / no alternate route. I was truly bummed out. Then I remembered that I had stashed a couple of Carl’s cookies in the car. I took them out and bit into one – I was instantly OK. Not that I didn’t still care about the traffic, but I was now stuck in traffic and not pissed off. Magic cookies. We all need more of them in our lives.

The other 2 cookies? I ate them too. Now I’m sad. It’s now 4PM on the first day of Daylight Savings and the dusk is just starting to come on. This was a perfect day to eat these cookies.

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