Lunch at my desk #5 with a surprise!

Yes, for those of you who are really paying attention there was no #4. I lost track (so soon!) and used #3 twice. This is quinoa and vegetable soup that I made a couple of weeks ago. I made quite a lot and got tired of it so I bagged it up and threw it in the freezer. This morning, thinking that I should bring lunch since I might stay in town and go to synagogue tonight (therefore meeting up with friends and going to dinner before) I grabbed this out of the freezer. It wasn’t until it was melting down in the nuclear oven (why don’t we call them that -it sounds so Jetsons) that I remembered the di-yummy chicken meatballs. There’s also mushrooms and Romano beans along with the kale and carrots that I could see while it was still in the bag.


This is also the first time that I am using a photo taken with my iPad. A bit clumsy but I want to see how it looks on a full size screen.

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