More about the olive curing

It was a fabulous weekend.  Most years Pasolivo does an olive oil pressing. I’ve never managed to get up there for that due to work conflicts, but my brother has gone every year. That’s his photo on the top of the PRESS CLUB page with my sister-in-law on the site. This event is open to Press Club members only and has a limited number of spots.

In the spring of 2011 there was a late frost and the central coast of California lost about 80% of olive production. Now you know why California oil has been kind of pricey this year. So, the event was re-imagined since it takes fewer olives to cure than to press oil. I will have to wait until 2012 to get the oil pressing experience.  We did get to taste oil that had been pressed just days before, which is like nothing on this planet!

We were wined (house blend red from a nearby winery) and dined (local baker came in with a brick pizza oven on wheels) all day. The weather was spectacular. Once again here’s a link to the rest of my photos.

This is a small family owned farm using organic methods. Please support them. Buy some oil. Join the club. Maybe we’ll meet next December in Paso Robles! And here’s a recipe for the olives that are in the back of my refrigerator getting yummier by the day.

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4 Responses to More about the olive curing

  1. Dawn says:

    These were the best olives I’ve ever had. ever. The orange really makes them good.

  2. Went through your pics looking for the pizza oven on wheels… OMG, was that really on wheels? I want one.. I want one… I want one!!!!!

  3. floricooks says:

    Mary Pat, it was towed behind a pickup truck full of wood and coolers full of ingredients and cook’s tools. The porchetta and rapini was delivered in mid afternoon just about the time well thought we would explode. I’ll try to find the chef’s name; he has a bakery and catering business in Paso Robles.

  4. Suzan says:

    Hi Flori, My daughter (Dawn) gave me a jar of your olives, and I have to agree, they are the best! The marinade is wondereful, I’m using it on greens instead of dressing. Looking forward to seeing more of your recipes.

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