Don’t say “ew” and “yuck” until you taste them…

I’m on a cookbook committee for the LA section of the National Council of Jewish Women, and a couple of the recipes struck us all as so odd that someone needed to cook them to know whether we wanted to include them.  The original recipe was for “Roasted Radishes with Brown Butter”, but since the thing that really needed investigated was the idea of cooked radishes I decided to improvise.  The radishes and parsnips are tossed in olive oil and flake salt then roasted at 450° for about 15 minutes.  Well, kids, we have a winner! I already knew I loved roasted parsnips and the radishes amazed me –  roasting them softened the acidic bite, but there was still radish flavor.  This would make a good addition to an appetizer spread or a brunch buffet.

Next to try is “Marge’s Famous Mustard Ring”. Yup – it’s a mustard jello mold. As bizarre as that sounds I have a feeling that it will be a good condiment with cold roast chicken or roast beef.

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2 Responses to Don’t say “ew” and “yuck” until you taste them…

  1. Mary Pat Kuppig says:

    Yes, I have tasted roasted radishes and they are quite good—especially when they get too big in the garden!

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