The jury is still out

Sticking with testing recipes for the NCJW/LA cookbook I have a seriously weird one for you today. The title on the page that gave us pause was “Marge’s famous mustard ring”. For some reason this struck me as having possibilities… Now I know that both brother and sister are shaking their heads in wonder. I HATED mustard as a kid but now not only love good interesting (and usually hot mustards) I make my own. So I followed the recipe (pretty much) and then after tasting it added some of my homemade whole grain mustard. But I’m going to write up what I will do the next time I make this. It didn’t really hold up well as a mold and I don’t think I would want to add more gelatin to get it to do so so I will keep it as a sauce. As I suspected it went well with cold leftover chicken.

Here’s what I’ll do next time (and the original)

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2 Responses to The jury is still out

  1. floricooks says:

    Mary Pat Kuppig says:
    March 4, 2012 at 6:17 am (Edit)

    I don’t know why anyone would want want a ring of mustard, but if you were making those traditional molded things we made in chef’s school, I bet a mustard gelatin would have made any one of them taste a whole lot better!!!! The only one that tasted vaguely good, as I remember, was the vegetable terrine made with balsamic vinegar and vegetables—come to think of it, it was the only visually appealing one… Let me see if I can find my photos from that terrine exam and I’ll post them for you!

    Flori’s reply –
    …Reading the recipe it really struck me as something right out of the 50s – served at a ladies’ pre-bridge luncheon. I’m not a fan of jello. There is only one mold that I’ve ever liked and it too was from the 50s (or earlier?). I’ll make one for one of the spring holidays coming up, becsuse of course it has a good story too.

  2. michele hessman says:

    Loving your blog Flori! And appreciating the pictures…they really bring it home. Keep up the great work!!! Though I imagine it does not feel like work!

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