Labor Day grilling warm-up

I just couldn’t wait. Bowen Court Potluck tomorrow but that didn’t stop me today. I went to the Hollywood Farmers’ Market for the first time in weeks and weeks (it seems a bit extravagant to drive so far, but I was reminded today as always that it is one of the two best markets in Los Angeles (the other is Santa Monica and that cross town haul really is out of the question). I went a little overboard so this week will be even more produce heavy than summer weeks are in general for me.

So here’s tonight’s fare: My favorite romano beans roasted/fried in foil, a couple of toro del oro peppers (which will get filled with something later in the week) and a Hearst Ranch (verily, he of Rosebud the sled fame) steak. Add half a baked potato and a glass of Lillie’s Merlot from Northern California’s Guenoc Winery.  …BUT…the real treasure here is red shishito peppers from Weiser Family Farm. If you can get to a market where the Weisers sell DO IT THIS WEEK!!! These were spectacularly delicious. I love shishitos, which you almost always see green, and these had all the same lovely flavor but concentrated and magnified.

Stay tuned for more grilling tomorrow, on a union-made-in-America Weber grill.

Oh, and the other half of the baked potato will be incorporated in to a batch of coconut/chocolate candy…

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