¡Viva las Mujeres de Mexico! …and the men who stand with them

We are closing in on the end of an amazing trip. I have seen and learned so much. I am full to overflowing – colors, tastes, emotions, information not least of all.

After a week in Oaxaca meeting women putting their lives on the line to fight for themselves, their daughters and others we moved on to Mexico City. A walk through the streets and parks and then the Frida Kahlo museum today. Overwhelmed by the house, the garden and an exhibition of her beautiful dresses and the stark contrast to the braces, corsets and prosthetic leg that were under them. So in need of rest for my body and brain, I have holed up in my room abandoning an educational session that I know I would be unable to absorb. I have tracked down a glass of Valle del Guadalupe Cabernet which is quite good and is working well to loosen the kinks.

Tomorrow we will meet NGOs based here including a women’s political theatre troupe. I am looking forward to that in a big way.

I will write more after I have digested both the experience and the sabor of this trip.


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