It ain’t over until the turkey stock is in the freezer

…and oh, boy is it ever.

IMG_6243If you followed my past few posts, you know that one part of my Thanksgiving this year was stuffing both a turkey and a kabocha squash (for the vegans) to go into the oven IMG_6240of a friend. She bakes like you wouldn’t believe but is not big on the dinner side of things. My help allowed her to play tennis on Thanksgiving morning, come home where I started the turkey at noon so she could bake a pie and host a stress free dinner with her guests bringing all the other side dishes. I returned on Friday to pick up my roasting pan and the turkey frame (from the fridge). This was on top of baking half a dozen pies on Tuesday neatly packed into boxes and of course IMG_0139Nana’s Homemade Hummus for football snacking (clients’, certainly not mine…). If you are in the LA area and any of this sounds appealing to you please reach out and we can discuss how I can help make your holiday parties delicious and easy. We could talk everything paella to chili to simple things to have at home ready to cook after a long day like a quiche or a batch of that famous hummus for the kids (you can have some too).

IMG_6249The stock will become mushroom barley soup for Tuesday’s promised first BIG rain of the year and more through the winter. This is two gallons of stock (I reduce my stock to a double concentration to save freezer space) so a quart jar will be for a party – once I add all the veggies+++ to it it will make a gallon itself.

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