Chicken and Roasted VeggiesA couple of weeks ago when beautiful hormone-free chickens were on sale at Whole Foods we picked up 3. I roasted 2 of them and cut the other up to freeze. Last night as I was putting the chicken pieces (now without their skin but well seasoned) on a sheet pan I thought of my first marriage and the Friday night dinners of dry baked chicken pieces and the family arguments that accompanied them. Well, I should have listened to that voice and added sauce – maybe a can of tomatoes, a chopped pepper and some herbs. I’ll rescue the chicken in potpie tonight…

The roasted asparagus and cauliflower made up for the chicken though.

The first 2 chickens were roasted with my modified Zuni Cafe method and were FABULOUS! I’ll post that the next time I make it.

Oh, yes – the skin and fat? That went into a saucepan on the stove-top to render. I’ll use it on Sunday to fry latkes for a brunch I’m hosting.

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