Olives everywhere!

On the first weekend of December Deb and I went up to Paso Robles for an olive-curing seminar at Pasolivo taught by Bill Spencer (you may know his produce and his wife via Windrose Farms at various farmers’ markets). So for the past 2 ½ months I’ve had olives in a 5 gallon bucket in rotating batches of brine in the service porch. There has been lots of work and at one point I managed to spill some while draining them in the bathtub and ended up with about a cup of them down the drain (major pain!!). I’ve just jarred up the second to last batch 18 pints so far; about 6 or so to go) and they are marinating in refrigerator.  Orange peel, bay leaves, garlic, chili, caraway and cumin. They’re fabulous and some are up for grabs.  Even I (and I may have a higher olive capacity than almost anyone you know) can’t eat this many olives.  Here are more photos of the weekend and the process: http://www.flickr.com/photos/13730887@N02/sets/72157629376670059/

If you’re interested in a jar give me a shout.

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6 Responses to Olives everywhere!

  1. Do you ship?! Looks yummy!!!

  2. floricooks says:

    Hey, Cat – I’m not sure if shipping is such a good idea since these are not even pasteurized much less truly canned. If you know anyone who is going to be down this way have them get in touch. I’d be perfectly comfortable with someone taking them in their luggage.

    …and you would have totally loved the weekend of eating and learning. Maybe you and Jonathan can come down this year.

  3. caten@empsfm.org says:

    it sounds like so much fun — and I do love olives! Site is a blast — fun to see what you have been up to!

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