Quick and yummy on a Sunday afternoon

Far be it for me to see a recipe that sounds interesting and just follow it. OH, NO! It has to turn into something completely different. This week I came across a recipe for Gruyere and pepper cookies. Not being super focused on sweets I liked this idea – a little crunchy something that you could serve with wine or cocktails and some olives. (By the way, I am down to less than a quart from the great olive adventure of 2011. They are seasoned with bay leaves, orange peel and fennel seeds and they are still just as good as can be!)

So I took my orange olive oil biscotti recipe and adapted it and came up with some delicious cheese and chive biscotti. Now, where’s the corkscrew?


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2 Responses to Quick and yummy on a Sunday afternoon

  1. wow, such a good twist. I liiiike it. were they good? this would definetely be amazing with wine.

  2. floricooks says:

    They came out great! Next time I’ll add more other herbs too and perhaps some Parmesan.

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