A brain freeze and a sandwich to go, please

This post was going to have a couple of photos with it but though I followed all of the prompts exactly, the upgrade to IOS5.1 did not go smoothly. I spent part of the morning troubleshooting on my own, part of it trying to get though to tech support and the rest of the morning at the Apple store. Oops! I seem to have wandered into a tech blog…let me get back on track… Anyway they gave me a new phone and ALMOST everything was backed up on my computer but I lost photos from the last few days.

So, as I was saying – I decided to stop at Lee’s Sandwiches on the way home from the OC yesterday, and after I ordered I noticed avocado smoothy on the menu. After asking for a description I decided to order one. It was a lovely pale green (needed more avocado) and too sweet and vanilla-y but was somehow compelling enough to drink too fast. I picked up a couple of avocados and will make one tomorrow that will please me more. The sandwich was delicious though – BBQ pork and pate with all those crisp pickled carrots and onions with cilantro and sliced jalapenos. I came home and blasted some asparagus in the oven to go with the sandwich and a opened a bottle of white Bordeaux. YUM!

Here’s a final thought for today and a photo to go with it. There is a fish in the photo, so that’s food. Peter passed away this morning. Often a pain in the neck but always smart and funny, he was 25% of the Firesign Theater, 50% of Proctor & Bergman and 100% himself.

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