Passover’s coming

Last night driving home from ballet I noticed that the moon is just a sliver away from full.  The coming full moon marks Passover. Last weekend, in order to have a shank bone for the Seder plate, I made jerk braised lamb.

Onions, celery, bell pepper and half a jar of a locally made jerk sauce (thanks for the gift, Deb!). It was REALLY good.

Today, one day out, I boiled eggs (will make eggs and onions

Trust me, there's a brisket under there...

tomorrow with chives from my tiny garden and super fresh olive oil), made my beet salad with a few adjustments for the holiday restrictions, cooked the brisket (pretty traditional oven braise with lots of onions, celery and mushrooms). I have the GREAT luxury of a bay laurel tree, so I laid down a bed of bay leaves under the brisket. I’ll slice it tomorrow and put it back in the oven for about an hour and a half (on top of 4 hours today). The stock for the soup was made about a month ago and frozen. I’ll make matzo balls and chrosset tomorrow.

Brisket dreams

I’m glad that though this is at my house it is a group effort. Annie (the housemate) made really good chopped liver pate that is setting up in one of Robert’s beautiful fluted French molds. TONS of other food coming and a table full of good friends. More pics and recipes to come.

On the first direct LA to Havana flight post-revolution - December 26, 1999. Helping me deliver cancer medication for children

Tonight too is the yahrtzeit of my dear friend Cynthia’s death.

Two years ago she told us who she wanted at what she knew would be her last Seder. She didn’t make it to be with us, but what she did was to bring together a group of dear friends who could support each other in our shock and grief. She will always be part of my Passover, a candle burning on the stove while I cook tomorrow and always in my heart, always missed.

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