This will make my brother wish he lived closer

It’s raining for the second Sunday in a row which makes me happy. Angus is in his favorite spot and I’m in mine: the kitchen…

I’ve been asked to teach a class making macaroons (not to be confused with macarones…)  so I figured that I better brush up my techniques and refine my own recipe. Now, my brother loves macaroons and I’m sure he’d be glad to help test my results. I’m not thrilled with the way these came out so no recipe to post yet. They’re good but not what I’m after.

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I experimented with using unsweetened coconut (good choice) but next time I will double the amount in the recipe.  Next batch later this week – – stay tuned.

Meanwhile – because macaroons are meringue based I had 2 egg yolks left over and since a yolk is a terrible thing to waste I made Orange Lemon  Curd.

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