Hospital Food!

I started seeing posts on Facebook yesterday afternoon from my friend Michele that she was in the ER, and this morning while eating breakfast there was a picture of the breakfast tray (liquid diet) – fake pudding, fake jello, lactose free milk, warm water, apple juice with lots of preservatives… I called her immediately, told her not to eat anything and jumped into action. Since I’ve already made my chicken stock for Passover I had a 1/2 gallon block of 4X concentrate in the freezer. I chipped off a half cup, put it into a pint mason jar and added water. She had eaten a bit of it before the doctor came in to check on her progress and decided to release her to go home. Hmmm…how much did that world wide remedy contribute? Probably not much, but she’ll go home with another bowl for later and I learned a lesson. ALWAYS have a smaller batch of stock in the freezer for such emergencies; not to mention that’s it’s nice to have on hand for cooking.

Oh, the little folded paper packet – it’s salt…what did you think?

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1 Response to Hospital Food!

  1. Mary Pat Kuppig says:

    I agree! Most hospital food is awful! To me it’s logical that hospitals would serve healthy food, but most just serve commodity food…. unfortunately!

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