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Based on (but radically changed from) a recipe in Eating Well this month…

“What’s in the house?” and “I feel like comfort food” conspired on this and it will reappear in other iterations I’m sure.  This could be easily scaled up in the same size pan or scaled down in a smaller one (or in individual ramekins). I would stay with one egg for a smaller version but add a second egg if I were going to make one and a half or a double batch. Use other vegetables, cooked chicken, bacon, etc. Basically this is a good way to use up leftovers. I used gouda because I had the tail end of a hunk and added romano to bring it up to 3 oz. The original recipe did not call for any egg but this didn’t look like it was going to hold together so I added it at the last minute. This had all the comfort of mac and cheese but I’m sure it was healthier.

Add a salad and make it a meal.  I had beets in the refrigerator so there you go. If you really wanted to stay with a “waste nothing” ethos you could make this with the beet greens instead of the chard.  Here’s the recipe: Cheesy Rice Pie

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