Pinkies up!

This is Amanda. She’s six and in my completely unbiased Nana opinion she’s really smart. I took a beautiful drive out highway 126 to go play in the park and have lunch with my girls (oh yes, that’s my daughter Star on the right). Bonnie Lu’s in Ojai is great – they roast their own turkey, make all their salad dressings, use good local produce and make good STRONG coffee. I had a turkey dip, and Amanda went for the grilled cheddar on whole grain while reserving the right to dip in my au jus. She took a bite and declared “I am in HEAVEN” then looked up and noticed that there was a television on the wall and added “and the TV’s on”. What more do you need when you’re 6? Later she told me that though he mother is “not a professional she knows how to make cheese stringy!” 

All she asked for to complete her happiness was a lipstick kiss that would last her the rest of the day. I was glad to oblige.

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