there are a LOT of statues in this town

They are everywhere you turn and every time you trip over one you land in either a museum or a big pile of pollen. Spring in Washington is spectacularly beautiful. I arrived last night and the first bit of local news I heard this morning was about how happy everyone was that yesterday’s rain washed a lot of pollen out of the air. The dogwood is in blossom and I could smell honeysuckle on my walk home after work; now I can’t smell anything.

When I arrived at my B&B last night I made a beeline to the nearby “supermarket” and picked up cheese crackers and a bottle of wine – dinner (and a chocolate bar for emergencies). When I returned the owner insisted that I have a proper glass and an apple to balance the meal. This alone is reason to return here.

Up early this morning for a great breakfast and off to meetings. First with the committee in charge of our feeding project with Washington Hebrew Congregation and then on to meet with the nutritionist at Bread For the City, one of DC’s best hunger relief organizations. We met in their rooftop learning garden. They are all about teaching clients how to grow food at home in small spaces – way in line with Global Hunger Foundation’s mission and with what we are doing in Los Angeles. From there on to have coffee with a couple of former coworkers at Share Our Strength and then another nice mile over to Georgetown to see my former supervisor at SOS and now must-see buddy whenever I’m in town, Eric. When I emailed him to see what he was doing late this afternoon his very correct reply was “Drinking wine with you?” I didn’t even need to say I was going to be in town… He had a very yummy central coast red decanted and waiting along with some veggie rolls and steamed dumplings to munch.

We had a great visit and then I had a really lovely dusk walk back through Rose Park along the Potomac Parkway and then over the river. I walked up from Dupont Circle to my DC home stopping to pick up a salad. I just wanted to get back here and take off my shoes. It is absolutely quiet and that is just what I needed after an day of wonderful noisy city. No picture of the salad – I don’t like eating out of take out containers and I don’t want to advertise the fact that I sometimes must. It was a faro and arugula salad with grilled shrimp: just what I needed.

And so to bed and another day of the same tomorrow.






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