A Mothers Day split ticket

Saturday Debbie and I went to see a staged reading of Jennie’s play at the Ivy Substation in Culver City. It’s always fun: Jennie’s work is full of surreal mostly female characters and you never know when you are going to see a bit (or more) of yourself in them. This was no exception.

Afterward Deb and I were going to walk down to Ford’s Filling Station but as we crossed the street I noticed that the formerly mediocre Mexican place had changed hands. Years ago there was a place called the Topanga Beach Cantina, owned by a couple named Kay and Dave, where Star and I used to go a LOT. It eventually closed and the owners opened other locations called “Kayndaves”. They’ve really upped the ante on the menu going for some pretty good Oaxacan food. The waiter was cool enough to tell us when we asked about the Molcajete Azteca that it was more than enough for both of us, thereby saving us from over ordering. Steak, shrimp, chicken and a chile relleno in achiote chili sauce arrived in a large  molcajete that clearly had been in the over for about an hour. It was a scorching hot hunk of volcanic rock and the food was fabulous and MORE than enough. James got a nice big tip and a complement on a customer comment card too.

I came home and prepped for today’s picnic since I had to be out early to go do my monthly thing volunteering at the SOVA food pantry with my buddies from synagogue. It was great getting to wish people a happy Mothers Day and be likewise greeted. As a special indulgence for a man who clearly knew food I went in the back myself and grabbed some extra goodies from the shelf of odd donations – capers, olives, spices and a big jar of whole grain mustard!

On to Topanga to my old stomping grounds at the Theatricum Botanicum for our annual tradition: Momentum Place, a sort of dance/circus. I got to see old friends and the “kids” in Star’s generation now with kids of their own. Amanda planned the menu:

  • Deviled Eggs
  • Peanut butter and honey sandwiches
  • Salad
  • Hummus
  • Pita
  • Have-a-corn-chips

She took a bite and declared “I am in Paris”. Star asked if she meant paradise and she said “no, Paris.” I took the opportunity to explain that children in Paris taste everything offered and I actually go her to taste a droplet of fig balsamic! She said she liked it but didn’t want it on her salad. Star muttered “thanks, mom…” Progress!

Here’s my Mothers Day card. I may not be in Paris, but I AM in paradise! I asked her if the words were her idea and she said they were but she needed some help spelling them.

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2 Responses to A Mothers Day split ticket

  1. pedalerdanslachoucroute says:

    aww I’m in Paris reading this! Happy Mother’s Day! xo heidi

  2. Julie Jenkins says:

    This made my day. Lovely story, great pictures and, I learned something new about children in Paris! I MUST tell my grandchildren! ;o)

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