Spring Sunday Supper – Ricotta Frittata

It’s quarter to 7 and I have not been able to bring myself to go in the house, and really, why should I? The 2 year old (who just last week was a fussy baby being pushed up and down the courtyard in a stroller by an exhausted mother) is running around throwing a tennis ball to entertain the cats.

Dinner was early (I snacked but didn’t really have lunch) and it was a complete experiment in part because the herbs are going crazy in the garden and because I had a half pound of ricotta left from last week’s kugel.

More accurately I used a classic Spanish tortilla method but “ricotta frittata” is just so much fun to say.

This is screaming “SPRING!!” so I’m going to open a bottle of rose and make a simple salad of lettuce, radishes and cucumber.

Now, you know, things don’t always go brilliantly. If you are going to try a Spanish flip technique with this DO IT OVER THE SINK! I learned this years ago… Anyway, these were delicious scrambled eggs!

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