The Capital Steps

Thanks to my friend Deb I got to see the spring 2012 Capital Steps show last night at Caltech. It’s as much a surprise to me as to others who know me that I’ve never seen them live before. Being an election year they have so much grist for the satire mill. (there! I managed to work a food metaphor in…) They’re so smart and funny; my abs are actually a bit sore this morning from laughing.

By far the audience favorite was a couple years old but so spot on that it’s what I woke up thinking about this morning. I think these lyrics are a bit off, but I’m grateful to the blogger who took the time to write them out. I made some changes to them that I think bring them closer to what I heard. The Shakespearean in me wants them to scan better.

Wrapped tightly in a blanket head to toe until the reveal at the beginning of the last verse and sung to the tune of Hotel California:

On a dark desert highway, staying just out of sight.
Just like white house crashes, I don’t have an invite.
Up ahead in the distance, past the cactus and sage,
I can find a brand new job; I’ll make minimum wage.
Walking inside the border, million stars out tonight,
Thinking this place could be heaven if you were only white.
Then I saw a big searchlight, it was heading my way.
I was spotted by a border guard; then I heard him say,
“Welcome to the state of Arizona.
Have your papers please, or you’ll have to leave.
There’s not much room in Arizona if you’re a darker shade than George Hamilton.”
Would you dare to stop Obama, say his race isn’t pure?
“Last week I stopped someone named Sonia Sotomayor”
“Let me check my pockets, I belong here of course.
I will show you my proof if you’ll show me yours.”

[off comes the blanket to reveal a stereotypical plains Indian]

“Welcome to my homeland I was born here.
We’ve been here 5000 years.
I’m Navaho, it’s our land you’re on here,
We fought illegals too since 1492.”

When the blanket came off the audience broke into wild cheers and then quickly quieted so as not to miss any of the lyrics.

Now I need to make plans to see their summer/fall show!

Thanks, Deb!!


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