Life does not suck when you’re slurping

Deb and I went downtown to do some crayon rubbings of some very cool utility covers near the Grand Central Market (more on that in another post) so we took the opportunity to stop at Daikokuyo for ramen. I managed to break out of my habit of going with what I knew would be good and I was not sorry. Deb went for the signature ramen which is the sure thing but I had the ramen salad. It was delicious and our waiter was nice enough to bring me a bowl of broth on the side so I had the best of both worlds by dipping my ramen in the hot soup.

A couple sat down next to us and we found ourselves coveting out neighbor’s bowl…

The show behind the counter was pretty good too.

This is why I like living close to the city. Just far enough out but close enough to jump on the metro (which was HOPPING today) and get the real deal of anything that the ethnic mix of Los Angeles has to offer. Oh and there was a little adorable girl there who thought she was Gene Krupa. She hadn’t quite gotten the hang of chopsticks (for eating) but she had a mean slurp!

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