When in Pasadena…

…please support this restaurant.

Last night Michael and I had a date to see The Children at Boston Court (which was excellent by the way) and so we took the park-and-walk option and picked a restaurant near the theatre. When I did a show at Boston Court several years ago I often popped into Japon Bistro around the corner for a quick sushi snack before the show (no sake except on a night when the owner insisted that I have a small glass of ‘rocket fuel’).

It’s as good a choice now as it was then. We started with garlic edemame and spicy tuna stuffed shishito peppers beautifully tempura fried then moved on to the Yellowtail Jalapeno Sashimi with house made yuzu soy sauce, several other lovely sushi presentations and finished with vegetable and shrimp tempura. All accompanied by a flight of 3 sakes that were wonderful. Oh, yeah, did I mention that they know their sakes and change the selection seasonally?

On new years day 2012 they closed as all smart businesses along the Rose Parade route do, and when they returned on the 3rd they found a flooded restaurant. They were closed for 4 months and have reopened with half the staff and a slightly paired back menu. We noticed no diminishment in either food or service.

So, if you’re in Pasadena and in the mood for sushi, put them on your list.


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