Vive Le BBQ!

Yes, I do know the difference between grilling and BBQing…but BBQ translates well into French, don’t you think?

To wrap up Bastille weekend, and based completely around the fact that I had Romano beans left from earlier in the week I set out to make a Nicoise salad for dinner and, as is my wont, threw tradition out the window immediately.


Radishes, chives, tomatoes and the long banana pepper are from the Bowen Court 18″ Farm; some roasted Hungarian peppers, the above mentioned Romano beans, oil cured black olives from the crazy middle eastern / Latin market up in Altadena and some of my home cured green olives (I’m down to less than a gallon – – – gasp!), eggs and potatoes and I’m ready to rock. A note on my favorite farmers’ market lettuce (in the photo above in a jar of water like a bouquet) – hydroponically grown and sold with the roots on – I go to the Thursday evening market just for this. They also sell at the Hollywood Sunday market. It’s really yum… Some lovely salmon to grill and I’m good for dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow.

So here it is…


I’m lucky to be living in one of the most privileged societies in the world and I’m enjoying every bite!

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1 Response to Vive Le BBQ!

  1. Sara Ann says:

    Looks so good! 🙂

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