Well and truly summer

The weather is still behaving but the market is starting to really perk up. I made a special trip to the Saturday market even though I had been to the Thursday evening market just to get melons. Now, this may sound a bit extreme, but I only get melons from one farmer. His melons are so good that he has spoiled me for anyone else’s. I’m not so self controlled that I don’t mess up and try another melon at least once a year (either early or at the end of the season) but I’m always so disappointed that it ends up being just that once. Weiser Family Farms grows, bar none, the best melons on the planet. While there I grabbed a couple of bermuda onions to grill and the first of this year’s yellow romano beans. Oh, and a couple of tomatoes for good measure.

One of the tomatoes became lunch filled with smoked salmon salad with a bit of balsamic vinegar drizzled on the bed of lettuce that it sat on. It was a lovely afternoon to sit on the porch and enjoy the quiet.

There was a story on NPR the other day about a new cookbook called A Girl and Her Pig. Now, you’d think that based on the title of the book that I might have ended up wanting some pork, but the chef spoke so passionately about grilling steak that it was on my mind for days. I don’t eat a lot of beef so when I do I make sure it’s really good. I went to Whole Foods and picked up a grass fed Hearst Ranch (yup, William Randolph’s old property, San Simeon) rib eye about 2″ thick.

The romano beans went into a foil packet with tangerine olive oil, lots of pepper and flaky salt to go on the grill and the onion went on the grill out at the edge to cook more slowly.  The grill was so hot that the beans started to sizzle immediately. Flip a few times (don’t tear the foil) and when it’s swollen to its max the beans are done.  The steak got olive oil, salt and pepper and was grilled very quickly and flipped 3 times for even cooking, 2 minutes per flip. A glass of wine and another meal on the porch.

Yup! It’s summer.

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