It’s the season for simple eating

The weather is warming up, though we are staying below average still. We had early warm weather which sent things like roses, bulbs and trees into overdrive and then we settled into a cool spring. Tomatoes seem slow and I’ve heard people complaining at the farmers’ markets. Our vegetable garden is kicking in and it’s inspiring me to cook and eat simply. I met this little guy the other day: proof that things are growing as they should.

Yesterday I had this lovely plate for lunch – arugula, oak leaf lettuce, cucumber, red onion and radishes dressed with tangerine infused olive oil and crunchy salt with some leftover grilled chicken. This was a pretty sharp salad so the freshly made dolma from a local Middle Eastern market were a nice cooling contrast.

Speaking of the market, you gotta love the brand name of this tomato-pepper spread. The spelling is not quite right, but you get the idea.

My dinner was even less complicated – a piece of grilled rock fish with some tomatillo salsa and an ear of corn, a nectarine and yogurt for dessert. Summer weather has its compensations!

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