One reason I love L.A.

I was able to attend a great panel discussion today sponsored by the California Endowment on the Farm Bill and the devastating effect that it could have in its current form if passed on the economy of Los Angeles, California and the entire country. I was able to chat with colleagues from over the past many years of work in the hunger relief world while we waited for the perennially late Mayor Villaraigosa. It was an excellent presentation but that’s not really what I want to write about.

The weather is (at least for a few days) fall-like. In fact, while I was in the spectacularly beautiful LA City Hall a storm was raging in Pasadena. I took the train in (remarkable in the city of automobiles), walked a half mile from the also beautiful Union Station and after the meeting walked a few blocks to Little Tokyo for some honest to god Tokyo style ramen. With tsukemono – assorted pickles – on the side.

They have a compact menu – ramen and some rice bowls. I come for the ramen so my only decisions are whether I want any sides or appetizers. You can order it with extra rich broth which I did once and it actually made me dizzy so I am unlikely to repeat that!

Another 3 blocks as the rain was finally hitting downtown back to the Little Tokyo / Arts District metro station and on toward home. By the time I made it back to Pasadena it was coming down full bore. As the train passed over the freeway I was so glad I was not in my car!

So, yes, I unapologetically LOVE this city!

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