Lunch at my desk #3 and another reason I love L.A.

So, my office at the Jewish Federation where I spend my time reading, writing and talking about issues of hunger – food waste, shortage in some neighborhoods of fresh foods, access to enough food for some in this town of abundance – is just a couple of miles from, what are in my opinion, the best bagels in L.A. When my friends Jodi and Debbie went to pick up bagels for our Yom Kippur break fast the car double parked out front belonged to the owner, Larry King. Yup – that Larry King. Not only are the bagel made with reconstituted Brooklyn tap water (only cleaner, I’m sure) so is the coffee. And the ice cubes for the iced coffee are made with the coffee, made with the water. All that adds up – I bought a small size coffee, ended up putting half of it in the freezer for tomorrow and I’m still wired 6 hours later…my cubicle neighbors are going to keep an eye on me in future…  I’ve got half a dozen bagels in the freezer at home so I’m good for a couple of weeks; probably good on caffeine too.

Back to the office and here’s lunch. I can’t stress my philosophy enough. There’s no need to eat crap! Salad topped with leftover roast chicken with homemade green goddess (mayo/yogurt, anchovy paste and a ton of fresh herbs from the garden), grilled peppers, radish, a yellow peach-fuzzy tomato and a green zebra tomato.


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