Soup and a new lemon tree – Happy Spring

IMG_3223…well almost spring… It’s hard to believe sitting here with all the windows open at 5 PM that last night we were chilly and wanted nothing more for dinner that a thick, warm, yummy soup. A piece of cheese toast on the side (and a glass of wine) and I was set. It’s lovely having Sally over enjoying warmth from the inside out. This hasn’t been the easiest week in her treatment but we are approaching the downhill stretch and it is going to be a slide into a beautiful summer of healing.

IMG_3224Planting a tree today was great fun. It took hands on and hands into wallets from so many people. We are renters in this beautiful place where we live. A Meyer Lemon tree that was over 60 years old from what we’ve heard quit bearing fruit. The son of one of us dug out the old tree (stump and all!!), we all kicked in money and neighbors and friends planted the new tree. Even though it is only a few feet tall we will have plenty of lemons this year. Oh, and we had a swarm come out of the beehive in the top of the date palm; maybe they came out to greet the new tree.

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